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incidentally adv
1 introducing a different topic; "by the way, I won't go to the party" [syn: by the way, by the bye]
2 in an incidental manner; "these magnificent achievements were only incidentally influenced by Oriental models" [syn: accidentally, by chance]
3 by the way; "apropos, can you lend me some money for the weekend?" [syn: apropos]

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  1. In an incidental manner; not of central or critical importance.
    The book discussed the subject, but only incidentally.
    Incidentally, did you hear anything new from your brother yesterday?


In an incidental manner

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a propos, accidentally, apropos, apropos of, as it chanced, by a fluke, by accident, by chance, by good fortune, by hazard, by the by, by the way, casually, en passant, for example, for some reason, fortuitously, in passing, in some way, par exemple, parenthetically, perchance, somehow, somehow or other, speaking of, unpredictably
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